Latin Piano Tutorials

Video tutorials explaining from the tumbado basics and the clave as an important playing element through more complex exercises in several Latin popular musical and rhythm styles.

LEVEL: Easy – Medium – Advanced


Tutorial explaining the basics of the clave (2-3 & 3-2) and its relationship with the piano tumbados. Exercises in both claves with several concepts for both hands. Includes all the exercises in ‘mp3’ files and background music with and without bass for practice.

$14.99 USD

Vol. I

Tutorial with 10 exercises in both claves (2-3 & 3-2) from easy to hard explaining the piano tumbados in the most common chord progressions for the traditional latin music and in several chords to be applied in Son Montuno, Traditional Salsa, Modern Salsa, Guaguancó, etc. Includes all exercises in ‘mp3’ and background music for practice.

$35.99 USD

Vol. II

Tutorial with 10 exercises explaining the piano tumbados for Romantic Salsa, basics for Traditional Merengue, Fast Merengue, Bossa Nova, Cumbia, Mambo and Traditional / Modern Cha-cha-cha with advanced harmonization. Includes all exercises in ‘mp3’ and background music for practice.

$35.99 USD


Tutorial with 31 exercises explaining from the most basic concepts for the Merengue Piano tumbados through more complicated tumbados. Includes all exercises in ‘mp3’ and background music in 3 different speeds for practice.

$35.99 USD

Combo Latin

A combo package that includes all the Latin Piano Tutorials:

  • Basic
  • Vol.I
  • Vol. II
  • Merengue

$79.99 USD