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FREE section with complete piano tutorials and some exercises from tutorials of different music styles, musical videos, audios and TIPS.

Complete Tutorials

Basic Piano Tutorial – Notes

Jazz Piano Tutorial – Blues Scale

Jazz Piano Tutorial – 12-Bar Blues

Latin Piano Tutorial – Guaguancó

Jazz Piano Tutorial – Left Hand

Jazz Piano Tutorial – Cinema Paradiso

Exercises from Tutorials

Latin Piano Tutorial Vol. I – Exercise No. 3

Latin Piano Tutorial Vol. II – Fast Merengue

Merengue Piano Tutorial – Exercises No. 5 & 12

How to Create Rhythms (Spanish Only)

How to Create a Salsa Rhythm

How to Create a Bossa-Nova Rhythm

How to Create a Merengue Rhythm

How to Create a Bachata Rhythm

Musical Videos

Air on a G String

Reflections of Passion

Misty (Version 1)

Cinema Paradiso (Piano Solo Version)

Il Postino Theme


Nowhere Man

Here, There and Everywhere


Mambo Influenciado

Fly Me to the Moon

For Nenette

Misty (Version 2)

Cinema Paradiso (Piano & Sax Version)

Son de la Loma

Can’t Take My Eyes off You

Hey Jude

Lovin’ You

Mambozart (Latin Version)

Canon Synth Strings

Tips (Spanish Only)

Tip #1: Latin

Tip #2: Blues

Tip #3: Jazz

DRJASS & Friends Vol. I

Fly Me to the Moon


Samba de Amore

My Little Suede Shoes

Blue Bossa


Billie’s Bounce

My One and Only Love

What a Wonderful World

DRJASS & Friends Vol. I – Full Album

Download the FULL album in MP3!

Download the FULL album in FLAC!