Basic Piano Tutorials

Video tutorials about basic piano concepts for chord structures, scales, basic chord progressions and ballads.

LEVEL: Easy – Medium


Tutorial explaining the basics for the formation of chords, from the easiest through the more advanced harmonizations and nomenclature used in popular music. Also, the concepts of tones and semi-tones.

$7.99 USD


Tutorial explaining the basics of the formation of scales most frequently used in improvisation in popular music.

$7.99 USD


Tutorial explaining the basic concepts of a chord progression, for the correct interpretation of the chords in a song sheet paper in any key.

$7.99 USD


Tutorial for multiple variations on basic ballads.

$9.99 USD

Combo Basic

A combo package that includes all the Basic Piano Tutorials:

  • Chords
  • Scales
  • Progressions
  • Ballads

$24.99 USD